SLRC Junior Summer Camp Registration

Junior Registration 2022-2023:

Additional Details

Membership includes 24-hour access to the ergs  (adults only),  coached practices, and access to boats outside of regularly coached practices, with coach approval.

Exception:  Adult coxswain membership includes only use of coxing equipment and boats during coached Masters practices.

Dues – Adult Rowers & Coxswains

SLRC adult members (rowers) register annually and pay their annual dues of $669 each year in full in April.  SLRC adult coxswain membership is FREE.

For more information on Adult Learn to Row, visit:

Dues must be paid on or before the due date.  A late fee of $15 will apply to any dues that are more than 10 days past due.  Rowing privileges will be suspended until in good standing.

Members (rowers and coxswains) must also complete the on-line here:  SLRC Adult Registration and SLRC Code of Conduct for Adult Rowers and Adult Members.

Alumni Members: There is a graduated fee schedule for SLRC Alumni who graduated in good standing.   The fee schedule is as follows:

Year 1:  Current high school graduate (Spring 2022 Alum) = $0. No payment necessary through April 2023
Year 2:  If you graduated in spring 2021, the Club fee is $50 Pay $50 Here
Year 3: If you graduated in spring 2020, the Club fee is $100 Pay $100 Here
Year 4: If you graduated in spring 2019, the Club fee is $150 Pay $150 Here
Year 5: If you graduated in spring 2018, the Club fee is $200 Pay $200 Here

(Current membership period – April 2022 through March 2023)

You must also complete the on-line  SLRC Alumni Registration view the USRowing Safety Video.  Please contact the Head Coach Tim Franck at 314-489-2017 prior to using Club facilities.

For Monthly Guest (a person who has rowing experience with SLRC or another school or club and would like to row at SLRC for a brief and finite period.), the fee is $65 per month for a maximum of three months.    You must complete the online: Adult Registration (select monthly guest) and view the  USRowing Safety Video.

For one month adult membership: Pay $65 Here

For two-month adult membership: Pay $130 Here

For three-month adult membership: Pay $195 Here

For annual adult membership: Pay $669 Here

Experience rowers visiting from other areas may request the opportunity to join us as a limited guest.  There is no fee to participate as a limited guest, but we do ask that you consider making a donation to our financial assistance program.   Donations may be made at the following link: Donations

For any additional questions about registration or dues, please contact the SLRC Registrar at

Dues – Junior Rowers

2022 Fall Dues:  TBD per rower in addition to regatta fees (fees vary by regatta). 

Optional summer training is offered for an additional fee of $125 per rower in addition to regatta fees.

Contact SLRC Registrar for information about tryouts and registration at

In addition to your dues payment, all Junior Parents / Rowers must complete and sign the SLRC Conduct Pledge for Junior Rowers.

*A limited amount of Financial Assistance is available to support dues.   Please contact for more information and an application.