Two eight person shells on the lake practicing


Safe and Effective Workout

Rowing is a wonderful full-body, low-impact workout for athletes who are sick of getting injured. In addition, rowing uses almost every muscle in the body, as well as the cardiovascular system. If you’d like to improve your fitness, this sport is worth trying!

Teamwork and Accountability

Being part of a team is awesome. Nothing is quite as motivating as a group of friends cheering you on. Rowing has been called “the ultimate team sport” due to the fact that rowers aren’t moving as individuals on a field or a track – they are moving as one unit. If you’re tired of working out alone, maybe this is the sport for you!


Rowers gain grit and stamina by practicing in all conditions, working hard day after day, and chasing long-term goals. This can translate to success in many other areas of life. Rowers aren’t just building fitness – they are building so much more.


Rowing is addicting. Participants say that the lake is their “happy place.” Rowing not only allows them to spend time outdoors at a beautiful lake, but to focus on something other than school, work, family, chores, and other obligations. The memories and benefits from rowing will last a lifetime.

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