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Safe and Effective Workout

Rowing is a wonderful full-body, low-impact workout for athletes who are sick of getting injured. In addition, rowing uses almost every muscle in the body, as well as the cardiovascular system. If you’d like to improve your fitness, this sport is worth trying!

Teamwork and Accountability

Being part of a team is awesome. Nothing is quite as motivating as a group of friends cheering you on. Rowing has been called “the ultimate team sport” due to the fact that rowers aren’t moving as individuals on a field or a track – they are moving as one unit. If you’re tired of working out alone, maybe this is the sport for you!


Rowers gain grit and stamina by practicing in all conditions, working hard day after day, and chasing long-term goals. This can translate to success in many other areas of life. Rowers aren’t just building fitness – they are building so much more.


Rowing is addicting. Participants say that the lake is their “happy place.” Rowing not only allows them to spend time outdoors at a beautiful lake, but to focus on something other than school, work, family, chores, and other obligations. The memories and benefits from rowing will last a lifetime.


Rowing is for “every body!” Competing with a spinal deformity… who knew?! I found rowing six years ago after severe nerve and back pain from running and then discovered that I had scoliosis (34+ degree curve at L2/3). I was devastated that I had to stop running and all high impact exercise. But I found rowing, feel stronger than ever, and love it!! My spine doctor says he wishes all his patients were like me: staying active with a strong core to support the spine! Whatever your challenges are, don’t give up. Find something else, and keep going!!

Kristy - Competitive Masters

After a year of consistent rowing, I’ve improved my resting heart rate from 70 to 54. At the age of 47, I am in the best cardio shape I’ve been in since at least high school, maybe ever and I actually get excited about working out. I had to quit playing basketball and soccer a couple years back because of injury and until rowing I wasn’t sure I’d ever find something that was this much fun and allowed me to compete. Not to mention the amazing community of likeminded people! Truly grateful for SLRC!!

Rob - Competitive Masters

I started rowing after many years racing bicycles because I wanted a less injury prone sport with all the benefits and excitement I grew to love with racing for a cycling team. I knew nothing about crew when I started with SLRC in the August of 2015 Learn to Row class series. Absolutely no regrets! Great teammates, great coaching and best facilities in the Midwest. If you want to try something new or come back to a sport you learned as a teenager we have a place for you!

David - Competitive Masters

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