SLRC Policies & Procedures (New or Recently Revised)

SLRC Policy 2.5 , “SLRC Junior Rowing Programs and Placement”  **REV 2 08.20.19**

SLRC Policy 2.6  “SLRC Adult Rowing Programs and Placement” **REV 3 June 17, 2020**

SLRC Policy 4.1, “Data Privacy and Document Retention” **NEW 06.21.19**

SLRC Policy 4.6, “Regatta Expenses and Payment” **REV 2 08.14.19**

SLRC Policies & Procedures (Existing)

Report Conduct Concern **NEW 01.16.18**

Rowing In Regattas Not Sponsored By SLRC

SLRC is supportive of its members’ competitive endeavors.  When this involves rowing as an SLRC member in regattas not attended by the club, members are asked to advise the head coach of their plans.  If use of club equipment is desired, prior written permission of the head coach is required.

It is essential that competitors understand their responsibility as representatives of the club and stay in compliance with the Rules & Regulations of the governing regatta.  The code of conduct remains fully in force, and beyond these specific guidelines it is expected that all behavior will reflect favorably on the club.  If any issues arise that could be cause for concern the head coach should be informed immediately. 

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.