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SLRC Summer Youth Learn-to-Row Camps! 

For boys and girls ages 11-17.

No experience necessary!  Lots of college recruiting opportunities!

Camp instruction includes:
–  Proper Rowing Technique
–  Rowing in Team Boats (eight-person and four-person boats)
–  Care of Equipment
–  Water Safety

Camp 1:  June 18 – June 29 (Mon-Fri 9:30-11:30AM)

Camp 2:  July 9 – July 20 (Mon-Fri 8:00-10:00AM).  Camp 2 is NOT a continuation of Camp 1.

Camp 3:  July 30 – Aug 10 (Mon-Fri 8:00-10:00AM).  Camp 3 is NOT a continuation of Camp 2.

WHERE:  The St. Louis Rowing Club boathouse at Creve Coeur Lake.  13777 Marine Ave, 63043.  Note:  Do not mail payment to this address.  See P.O. Box below.

COST:  $275.  If a summer LTR camper trys-out for and makes our Competitive Youth Novice team in Fall 2018, this $275 fee will be deducted from his/her fall dues.  


Youth-Learn-to-Row-2018-Registration-Form pdf

Please mail the form and payment to:

St. Louis Rowing Club, P.O. Box 411094, St. Louis, MO 63141.

QUESTIONS:  Head Coach Tim Franck 314-489-2017

2018 Summer Youth Learn-to-Row Camps: 
Camp1:  June 18 – 29
Camp2:  July 16 – 27
Camp3:  July 30 – August 10


Days off from school


SLRC junior team members typically miss a few days of school to attend events.

How should SLRC families approach teachers & schools about the regatta travel dates? Here are a few sage words of advice from seasoned rowers and team parents:

Tips for ROWERS

  • Ask, don’t tell – Rowing is a privilege, and it comes secondary to your education. When you talk to your teachers about the regatta trips this fall, take an extra moment to provide them with some context. How much time will you personally invest to prepare for the competitions (and day off from school), and why is your attendance at the regattas important for you & your team? Remember that not everyone is familiar with rowing – and that you are representing the St. Louis Rowing Club when you ask for special permission to miss a day of school.
  • Notify teachers early…and then follow-up – Teachers & principals are generally pretty flexible when it comes competitive athletic team travel, but we strongly encourage rowers to provide their teachers with their team travel dates at the start of the fall semester.  Why the early notice? Teachers typically have to do extra work to accommodate changes in homework assignments or test dates for individual students, so plenty of advance notice – plus another follow-up reminder about a week before our travel date(s) – will typically help prevent any additional disruption to their weekly planning.
  • Make it easy to say yes – Ensure that you have a great attendance record, show up for class on time each day, and build a reputation as the kind of student that teachers can count on.

Tips for PARENTS

  • Ideally, rowers should take the initial lead when talking to teachers about regatta dates, scheduling any advance work, and/or to following-up and ensure that all relevant homework, classroom assignments, tests, etc. are complete.
  • Missouri law does require parents to grant permission for student absences. Individual school policies vary, but typically parents should contact their school attendance line, front office, and/or principal to notify them in advance of any absence.
  • Be sure to have your rower remind their teachers that they’ll be missing a day on the week before we leave. Teachers will often provide classwork or reading that your rower can work on during the regatta.
  • You might also want to remind your athlete to pack homework, notebooks, and other school gear before they leave for the trip. SLRC rowers do study on the bus rides and in the regatta tent between events, so they’ll want to ensure that they have the gear they need to use their time wisely.



To help give you an idea about the costs associated with having a Novice rower in the Juniors program, please take a look at the Novice Rowers Costs 2015-16 Spring.
Average cost per regatta is $225 depending on the number of rowers that attend and other variables.


Chaperone Volunteer Opportunity for SLRC Parents

Stay tuned for updates and plenty of opportunities to volunteer or email for more information!!


Donations can be sent to:

Attn: Treasurer/Capital Campaign
P.O. Box 411094
St. Louis, MO 63141
St. Louis Rowing Club is a 501c(3) organization, so your donation may be tax-deductible.  Consult your tax advisor to determine the full extent of your tax deduction.

For information on High School Rowing program contact:
Head Coach, Tim Franck ~